“I like to refer prospective clients to my website because I’m constantly adding new images to the online portfolio. I used to rely on someone else to do it for me which was expensive and often meant frustrating delays. With Motion Pixels I have total control of my most effective selling tool``


“I wasn’t entirely convinced that I could manage my own website. But it's easy, I can update the site in seconds. One morning last week we received the artwork for a range of new products and I loaded them up on the website before the end of the day. That’s what I really love – everything happens immediately.“


“We manage nearly 250 products, all of which come in a variety of sizes and colours. Motion Pixels makes it very straightforward for us to manage everything ourselves. The marketing tools are invaluable – we always see a sharp rise in sales when we send customers our newsletter.”


“I’m very passionate about what I do and I like new work to go on display as fast as possible. Previously I had to wait several days, sometimes even weeks, before the developer got round to making changes. Now I have complete control of my website and it always looks just the way I want.”


“I had always been in two minds about the internet, I wasn’t convinced whether a website could add value to my business. I saw a demo and was blown away – it was clear I could instantly create a whole new revenue stream. My website is now an essential part of my business.“


“Our last web company charged us twice what we budgeted once we’d paid for modifications and additional pages we hadn’t initially thought about.
With Motion Pixels I know exactly how much I’m going to spend over the year.“


“Over the years we’ve been let down time after time by our website providers.

Now at last we’re free to do whatever we want, whenever we want. I can amend the site to reflect the change of seasons or add last minute special offers whenever I need.“


“Thanks very much again.
I LOVE my new site and its increased my orders dramatically.
It’s taken away a lot of stress!!
I’ll be recommending you all to everyone who asks.“